Stony Plains Records President says this about Trisha Gagnon's debut solo release, a story about you and me: "This is a wonderful CD, very special. Great singing, arrangements, special guests, production, etc. - Holger Petersen

Canadian born singer-songwriter Trisha Gagnon's debut solo release, 'a story about you and me', is a folk and bluegrass-inspired body of work. This Juno Award nominee's reverent yet playful songs have the power to refresh the soul through artful depictions of the things she finds most inspiring: landscape, family, nature, and the devine. Just Plain Folks 2009 nomination Best Bluegrass Song of the Year is a clear indication that Gagnon's song writing is connecting!

With world class upright bass skills, a poet's command of language, and a voice dubbed "irresistible" by Sing Out!, Trisha has made a name for herself playing in acclaimed Bluegrass bands Tumbleweed and John Reischman and the Jaybirds.

Trisha has written some of the finest songs of her carreer on this debut release - eleven original tracks, and all twelve bursting with Grammy Award winning and other stellar musicianship. It features a duet with Vince Gill on Gagnon's own 'on my way to you', emblematic of Gagnon's poetic sensibility. Shaun Cromwell's soulful voice compliments title track 'a story about you and me', and the aching duet 'when am I gonna get over you', as well as a Mahalia Jackson-inspired gospel 'he's here with me'.

Laurie Lewis, Peter Rowna, Kathy Kallick, Chris Jones, Keith Little, John Reischman, Jim Nunally, Nick Hornsbuckle, Greg Spatz, Tony Furtado, Rob Ickes, Roger Gillespie, and Cathy-Anne McClintock (Gagon's sister) complete the list of amazing guests.